Our Story

My Sister's Porch has always been a dream of mine in creating a space where women can feel comfortable coming as they are; comfortable doing a bit of shopping that won't break the bank, and leaves them feeling a bit more confident; comfortable being authentic, transparent, and exactly who God created them to be; comfortable gathering with some sisters in a faith-filled space. We strive every day with God's grace to do this in everything we do, whether online or in person.
My Sister's Porch gets its name from my experience as one of 3 sisters, but also a military spouse who has come to know women all over the world and understands the immeasurable support and life that comes from finding sisterhood wherever you go.  As far as the "porch" part, my roots are deep Midwest roots, and now living in the south, well what's better or more ingrained and loved in those areas than time passed sitting on the porch with your sisters?
So welcome to My Sister's Porch!
~ Amber Stevenson